MXL V67i Condenser Microphone

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النوع : MXL V67i Condenser Microphone

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السعر: S.R.2,150

MXL V67i

Condenser Microphone

The V67i is a unique FET condenser mic, in that its dual-diaphragm capsule is tuned for two different voicings, “warm” and “bright.” The front diaphragm uses 6-micron Mylar, and the rear uses 8-micron Mylar. A switch beneath the gold headbasket allows selection of the front or rear.

Beneath the capsule, the microphone circuitry is the same as in the V67G (also a cardioid FET condenser): it is a 2-stage FET circuit, with the first stage more or less a copy of the Neumann U87, and the second stage an emitter follower, with a low-ratio output transformer.


The mic’s published frequency response chart shows a significant difference in response between the two sides of the capsule. However, in our own testing we found the mic’s actual performance to differ significantly from the published graphs. (Disclaimer: our test chamber is not anechoic, but does deliver repeatable results that are useful for comparing responses from the same test session, such as pictured at right.)

What we saw in our sample mic (purchased via retail channels) is that the “warm” side peaks at +5.5dB @ 12kHz, while the “bright” side peaks at +6dB @ 10kHz. The latter might be perceived as brighter because it rolls off the highs sharply above 12kHz, whereas the “warm” side has a more gradual rolloff.


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