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Transparent Sound and Versatility for a Price That's Within Reach

The AT4050 is one of Sweetwater's best-selling vocal mics, and for good reason! Utilizing a low-noise transformerless design and multiple polar patterns, the AT4050 is ideal for use in the most demanding recording situations. It uses dual gold-plated, aged, large-diaphragm condenser elements for extended frequency response. Floating construction elements provide isolation from noise and vibration.

Audio-Technica AT4050 Condenser Microphone at a Glance:

  • Transparent highs, rich lows and low noise
  • Multiple polar patterns for versatility
  • Precision-built diaphragm and state-of-the-art electronics for reliable performance

Transparent highs, rich lows and low noise

The AT4050 produces transparent highs and mids balanced by rich low-end qualities, while its advanced acoustic engineering guarantees extensive performance capabilities and highest quality. The AT4050's transformerless circuitry virtually eliminates low-frequency distortion and provides superior correlation of high-speed transients.

Multiple polar patterns for versatility

Adding to the AT4050's value are the three polar patterns. You can select from cardioid, figure-8 or omnidirectional settings to tailor the AT4050 to any source you're recording. In addition, a switchable 80Ha highpass filter and a 10dB pad allow even more flexibility in capturing a multitude of sources. This mic can stand up to high SPLs and still deliver transparent sound!

Precision-built diaphragm and state-of-the-art electronics

The AT4050's 2-micron-thick, vapor-deposited gold diaphragms undergo a five-step aging process so that the optimum characteristics achieved remain constant over years of use. State-of-the-art surface-mount electronics make the AT4050 another of A-T's incredibly consistent and reliable microphones!

Audio-Technica AT4050 Condenser Microphone Features:

  • Superior performance for studio recording and live sound applications
  • Remarkable combination of warm, transparent sound and super-high SPL capability
  • Three switchable polar patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, figure 8
  • Vapor-deposited gold large-diaphragm design for extended frequency response
  • Symmetrical direct-coupled electronics for excellent transient response and low distortion
  • Switchable 80Hz highpass filter and 10dB pad
  • Includes AT8449 shock mount
  • Requires +48V phantom power

For a versatile studio performer, your best bet is an AT4050!

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