Zoom AD14

الشركة : ZOOM

النوع : Zoom AD14

حالة التوفر : متوفر

السعر: S.R.150

AC Power for Your Zoom H4

The Zoom AD14 is an AC power supply for the Zoom H4n portable recorder and Q3 portable audio/video recorder.

The Zoom H4n digital handheld multitrack recorder adds another level of flexibility and functionality to a great unit! The H4N allows you to use its onboard XY stereo condenser mics simultaneously with your external microphones for true 4-channel recording. This recorder also features a digitally controlled mic preamp, tough rubberized outer housing, and Broadcast Wave Format (BWF)-compatible time stamp and track marker functions. The H4n's user interface is easier to use than ever, and the large LCD screen gives you the information you need, clearly. Literally a multitrack recorder that fits in the palm of your hand, the H4N is an amazing device!

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